121 – New Header



I had some spare time before I splash down into my bed and watch this new Kdrama that I’m currently addicted to so I decided to do some redesigning with my blog and create my illustration for the day.

First off, I replaced my header I removed that old comic character of me wielding a stylus lightsaber. I wanted something simple this time. A simple sketch and nothing more, nothing less.

I also felt that my menu was kinda getting crowded so I removed some links like my ABOUT PAGE and converted it to a widget in the sidebar.

I hope you guys..and gals of course! like the new look of the blog.



If you guys and gals noticed! I have a contact page.

I highly encouraged you, dear viewers, to contact me with suggestions on what I can illustrate or write about in this blog.

Don’t be shy now okay?

It’s 11:30 pm here as I write this, so I bid you adieu and good night

*insert smiley winky face here*

Till the next post!



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