World of Words

Day 6



Today I want to share with you, my dedicated writing space.

livingspaceresizedIdeally, this would not be the type of place that I would write in. I would prefer to write in a small unknown coffee shop, with Wifi of course rather than this small four tile space that I’m cramped into. Or better yet I would really love to write back home in my own room where I have a dedicated table for my laptop and other equipment.

Before you tell to “go out there! be freeeeeee!” down in the comments.

My laptop is broken. The battery doesn’t work anymore, so that’s why I’m just enduring this four tiled cramped space that I call “the writing spot”.

I need to have the damned thing plugged in all the time.

What can I do? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Living expense here in the GCC right now is a bit expensive. I’m paying two hundred dollars a month for a single bed.
I’m actually in what we call a partition, It’s like a room divided into how many sections that can fit in it with either a drape or anything from plywood to wooden bamboo stands that just covers the other half.

“What do we do when life gives us lemons instead of apples? We go out and buy apples from the supermarket”
– Duddlez

Any suggestions on what to write about next please contact me or leave a comment below


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