Was It worth it? – Ifrogz Plugz Wireless earplugs review


Ifrogz Plugz wireless, a Bluetooth earplug.

My default Samsung earplugs got broken so the time has come for me to find new earplugs. So this time I wanted Bluetooth earplugs.

I bought this Ifrogz Plugz wireless while I was still back in Abu Dhabi. I was looking for wireless Bluetooth earplugs inside Virgin megastore. This brand, Ifrogz just happened to catch my eyes.

I’m tired of those earplugs with wires because sometimes I would have accidents like the wires getting caught in something resulting in the wires getting damaged.

How much did it cost?

I want to show how much it cost when I bought it, but sadly, I already threw out the receipt, but a rough close estimate would be 130AED – 160AED that would be 35$ to 43$.

What DO I LIKE about it?

Its Bluetooth capability! – that one is already a given, since that was one of my main objectives when I was looking for earplugs.

I also like the that they designed the Ifrogz plugz to have a sleek look. In layman’s terms – “it looks very cool and modern”.

Last but not the least I also like it’s size, it’s small enough that it wouldn’t stand out and attract attention.

Did I like the price?

About the price, it’s not that cheap and not that expensive. Well, considering that I was looking for a Bluetooth capable tech. That kind of price is probably a good and cheap one already.
I’ve seen other Bluetooth capable tech. in the area and I haven’t really seen any that was lower than that price or at least lower than the 130 AED/35$ mark. I don’t know how much it is in other countries though.

What DO I NOT LIKE about it?



The magnetic rubber strap.

I really don’t like the magnetic strap because it is very soft, I feel like someone could just grab on to it and run away and they wouldn’t even have the slightest bit of trouble. – security-wise, a big turn off for me.



Durability-wise, I am not a big fan of Ifrogz plugz wireless. I’ve only used it for a week or two and the left earplug was already going haywire and as of the moment that I’m writing this the left ear plug is already dead. I have only barely used it and for that to happen is a big No No for me.

Although I can’t place the blame on the product itself, I probably have to take some of the responsibility as I didn’t think when I was using it and took it for granted.

To sum this all up, we have to ask the BIG QUESTION.

WAS IT WORTH IT? BUYING –  Ifrogz Plugz Wireless


It’s a nice product but I guess it’s not for me. Especially, since I like to lie down in bed and watch movies or series and I would be lying down on my left side and right, vice versa. I guess the pressure it put on the Ifrogz earplug was the reason why the left ear piece isn’t funcitoning anymore.

I strongly recommend that if you do buy this product, handle it with care, “care with extreme prejudice” as you might say. 


One thought on “Was It worth it? – Ifrogz Plugz Wireless earplugs review

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