Lakawon, Island Ho!


I was able to complete the whole vacation routine on the very last day of the month of April by going to the island called


An island or more like a sand bar located near the island of Negros, Philippines.

Being a homebody, me going out was definitely zero probability. So by some unknown luck it’s a good thing that my friends invited me to come with them on this trip. I’ve heard about this place years ago when it was still undeveloped, but I never really went there and would have never gone if it wasn’t for them. Yey!

a full port

We were able to leave Bacolod city probably by 7:30Am as we arrived at the port at exactly 9AM. To our surprise the place was fully packed.

We paid for our bangka ride for about 280PHP/6USD and that’s for going there and going back.

50PHP/1USD corkage fee if your going to bring your own food.

all in all we only had to spend about 500PHP/10USD more or less per person that’s without a cottage.



Due to the large volume of really sweaty, beach excited vacationers of which we were part of, we had to wait for about an hour and a half until we could actually set sail for the island.

TIP: we went there on April 30 and the following day was May 1 which was a holiday, hence why there were a lot of people. If you enjoy being on the beach with less people go there on weekdays or normal weekends.


Though after that long wait, it was

Full speed ahead…Literally

The bangka ride

From the port it was  a ten minute ride on the bangka, before we arrived at the unfinished port on Lakawon island itself (right side of the picture). Seeing as how they decided to build a real port already, business must be  booming.




From there you’d be walking to the island



A picture of the beach front

They have 3 types of cottages/ tents that you and your folks could rent. They have a small one which costs about 600php/12USD, it’s like a hut style that can be good for about five people (Right side). Then you have these big white tents here in the picture for which I believe they cost at about 600-1500php/12-30USD depending on the size of the tents you choose. They also have a family sized cottage and rooms available for overnight stay. As I didn’t really plan for this trip and it was kinda just an improptu thing to record, Here’s the link for their official website for further information: Lakawon Official Website

us having disappointed faces at the octagon area beside reception desk.
 Tip: if you can reserve a place a couple of days before, do so.  As they don’t really cater to walk-ins

Example A: US

Being locals of Bacolod city, we thought we could get there before everyone does, but to our dismay we were dead wrong. So we ended up planning what to do with our food stuffs, as we brought too many foods with us but no place to store them.

It was about 30 minutes of thinking, what to do.

Restaurant in the middle of the island.
If you decide not to bring anything, no worries, Just eat here.

Lucky, enough the receptionist told us we could eat our food at the restaurant if we order anything and after that we could just leave our remaining food stuff at their office before we head over to Tawhai the floating bar. You’d need to go to the beach front to board the boat that goes to Tawhai



“Tawhai/Tawhay – peaceful, relaxing, calm in Hiligaynon (also known as Ilonggo) the local language of half of Negros”

Onwards to Tawhai the floating bar! It was about 12:45PM when we left for Tawhai bar

Approaching Tawhai


Upper deck


You can have a very peaceful sun bathing at the sides of the upper deck, front deck or the sides of the lower deck with nice pop/club music in the background to boot (not really a music person so I don’t know the description, but it was good.), Why not grab a beer while you’re at it?

Tip: make sure to spread a little beer on your skin while sun bathing and roll every 45 minutes so the crispiness of your skin is even……. Just kidding!

One thing I noticed when I was there, it was really tawhai (peaceful and relaxing), I don’t know if any of my companions was monitoring the time but I was. I noticed that timed seemed to be slower while we were onboard.

Which is what I really liked about the whole thing since we had a slight problem at the beginning of the trip.

A few pictures of the deck below

front lower deck, taken from above
Lower deck, right side

One thing about Tawhai, it sometimes runs out of supplies, like food for example. in those cases, well you can’t do anything about that since it’s far from the island and they’d need to restock using boats.

The upper deck

You can also swim along the sides of the ship.


Or if you want, you can also jump from the sides

If you don’t know how to swim, no fret, they have life vests aboard which you can borrow if you want to have a quick dip. You’ll want to have one soon because the heat at the upper deck can get nasty.



after a while we decided to go back to the island to replenish our hungry tummies and finish the day with a swim on the beach.

 Day end


The people who, like us, came here only for a day scurry back to the port to catch the boat back to the mainland. Normally the last trip back would only be at 5PM in the afternoon, but since there were droves of people that day, they decided to extend it until 6pm.

In my opinion, it’s still quite lovely this island as it still undeveloped, rather than Boracay which is so crowded already.

In the end, it was a nice refreshing trip for me and companions, I’d love to stay the night but I couldn’t. Maybe next time I might.

How to go there?

Image result for negros island

If you are coming from Bacolod city you need to go up to Cadiz city. It’s about a one hour drive from Bacolod. Once you get there you need to go through two barangays (a small village) the first one would be named Purok Burgos or Brgy. Burgos … if I recall correctly. On hindsight I wish I took some pictures along the way to provide a more accurate guide. I’m sorry for that, but maybe next time.

Anyway, Once you get through those barangays you just need to book a ticktet at the port for the Bangkas (small engine powered boats) and onward you go to paradise.


You won’t really get lost these days because the locals there are really marketing the beach and they’ve put up a lot of big signs that literally says gate way to Lakawon or Lakawaon this way –>. So to those who are unfamiliar with the place or my lovely foreign people. I wouldn’t fret about it.

And my friend and I found a little poster with an advertisement that flights might soon be coming to Lakawon. here’s a small video link below.

Lakawon Flights xManilaxDumaguetexCebu


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