I should lose you.

Looking back to before. Yes, I should lose you. 

I was so afraid to take that step with you. I never really was a believer of love over water. 

I let fear influence my decision and ended something before it even started. 

I thought I was doing the right thing then for the both of us.
All the while I was secretly wishing for it on somedays I think about home, during the years I was away.  

 I got to see you again, when I went for my vacation but again fear has shut my mouth from telling you. I was scared of what I would hear. After all, I did hurt you.

A chance appeared for me to come home permanently. I thought I could get back as much of my life, you included.

Now, here I am. With you just as a friend who secretly loves you,  I decided that it shouldn’t be a secret anymore. Even though I’m too late and I’ve lost you to someone who isn’t afraid to take that very step I was afraid of. 

It seems, as you put it “our timing is off”. I was leaving and when I got back you were taken.

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