How to get Artisul D13 calibrating software working in Windows 10 OS

It’s been so long since I’ve posted about my tab. This is for all of you guys who have the same problem as me when it comes to Artisul D13 Tablet and Windows 10 OS.

I’ve been HAPPILY using my Artisul D13 for almost a year now and I’ve been using it with my personal laptop that runs a Windows 7 operating system.

Forgive the blurry picture and the background. I had to do this wherever I could as I was on the move this day. 

Now, I wanted to use it with this other laptop that has a better video card.

well, better everything…

I’ve installed the driver and the D13 works just fine with the windows 10…almost. I mean the tab was on and was displaying the windows background. The only exception was that I couldn’t CALIBRATE the damned thing to have the pen function on MONITOR 2 (the D13 tablet).


I would double click the Icon for the calibrator software and windows 10 would confirm if I want to allow the device to function. I would click yes, however a few minutes to forever passed the calibrating software still didn’t show.

I’ve tried so desperately searching the web for a fix but I couldn’t find any. Neither did I find anything close to what I was experiencing in the Artisul website forums. 

BUT!…. By the grace of the gods!

I did find a fix for the “Aritsul D13 tab and windows 10 compatability issue”

…somewhat.   he he he

I decided that one night I’ll try all the drivers that Artisul has released for the D13 tablet. I went from the newest to the oldest.

Thankfully the Driver version 1.3 beta worked.


20170630_142940 20170630_142950


Though I noticed the performance changed a little…very little…I think, but since I’ve been using the tablet with my other computer for almost a year now with the most updated driver. I could really tell that there is a slight difference or maybe that’s just me.

BUT HEY! look on the bright side!

We can now use our Artisul tabs with a windows 10 operating software!


Still! I highly recommend anyone to post any updated fix to this problem.

Hopefully Artisul will release an updated driver soon in the future.





2 thoughts on “How to get Artisul D13 calibrating software working in Windows 10 OS

  1. Hi Just found your blog – I am Murtuza and am the Product Manager for Artisul in ME. Next time you have a technical issue with the products please contact me @ 04-8041888 we would love to help you out


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