I’m the kind of person who has a very short attention span. Starting a 365 project where I need.. I stress again.. NEED… to draw an illustration everyday is really quite a challenge for me.

I’ve stopped in the middle of the 365 project so I don’t know if I’m still “allowed” to continue it, but as a person who has a short attention span depending of the subject of my focus or how large it is. MY attention span could be just a few minutes to a few months but never longer than that.

As a person who can get bored easily, completing this task would be a major victory on my part, and I really do want to complete it. As of right now, I’m at 161 out of 365, I could’ve been at 200 by now, but since.. you know how I am. I decided to take “A HIATUS” somewhere between March to April of 2017. Getting the momentum back from that “HIATUS” that I so regret wasn’t/isn’t easy, but I AM determined to finish this. \

Come hell or high water! I will. 


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