WAS IT WORTH IT? XplorerdockBT1

In the middle of January 2019 I signed up for a creative writing class on Udemy (review pending).The class required me to do a writing excercise after every lecture. At first, I used the built-in keyboard of the tablet. In my personal opinion, the keyboard of the tablet is good for quick and short typing work however if like me, you are doing a long writing excercise then you’re going to want the efficiency and comfortability of a physical keyboard.


The XplorerdockBT1 is a bluetooth keyboard that you can pair with most devices that has a bluetooth capability. It comes in two colors, BLACK and WHITE. It has a slot where you can fit an eight inch ipad/tablet (rough estimate).



It’s a bit pricey for almost 40USD / 1899 PHP, though in my opinion, most gadgets that go through the 20 USD / 1000 PHP limit are mostly made of good quatlity.

Pair with most devices
you can pair the XplorerdockBT1 with most device
e.g. Samsung J1 Ace, Lenovo A10 tablet.

2 bluetooth channels
It has two bluetooth channels, CH1 and CH2
Basically, you can connect two devices at the same time. you just have to switch the channel. Though you have to the give two devices time to connect before you blaze away typing

A device slot
The XplorerdockBT1 has a slot where you can insert any device that would let it stand in a 95 degree to 105 degree angle.

Sitting position
Since the device has a slot, it allows you to sit in a correct sitting posture. You no longer have to hunch your back down when you need to type something.


for someone like me who has a monthly salary of 140$ month, it seems a bit too much.

It’s a bluetooth key board
What I mean to say about this is that there is a possiblity that you may forget to bring the XplorerdockBT1 with you wherever you go.

Unadjustable dock
the dock only gives you a permanent 95 degree angle.

Unresponsive function keys (so far, with the Lenovo-A10 tablet)
Function keys have so far been unresponsive. (Thought It doesn’t really matter to me)


EVERY PENNY – I’m happy with the product. I wasn’t expecting to find a bluetooth keyboard with a dock for Tablets and Pads while I was the scouring the malls of Bacolod City, Negros Island, Philippines

If you’re looking to turn your simple tablet into a laptop for writing.

XplorerdockBT1 is your go to keyboard.

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