First Chapter

A friend of mine does the same challenge but with photos where she takes one every day and posts it. You can follow her at FLICKR with her id Katrinakurt

She talked me into doing the same thing with my drawing and sketching. I’m quite thankful that I got to talk to her and she was able to convince me to do this. I learned how to be productive and not to just sit around and wait.

Some of the Illustrations that I put here were made way back then but they have a sentimental value to me so that’s why I’m also including them. (1-20)


First ones

  • – – –

When I got one of those tablets that does not have a display (wacom intous)

  • – – –

The official start of the “365 ++ drawing days” project of mine.


Then my first vacation in 3 years got delayed by 2 months, so I decided to buy a new tablet with a visual display with my extra money.



Then of course there are just times where you just can’t do anything anymore…phhhfft.

  • – – –
  • – – –

And those days just seem to pop up again.

(I’ll be using the same thing for some since I believe I wasn’t able to save the ones that I really posted on my facebook account but still the same stick drawings though )

  • – – –
  • – – –
  • – – –
  • – – –

and again I’m using this cause the original got deleted. If you’re wondering why I have this. 

Well, I never said 365++ great drawings…mwahahah!!!

  • – – –
  • – – –


At some point, I really wanted to get better so I watched some tutorials like getting the angles right, the distances and the weight of the lines. I wanted to do something different from my usual “go with my gut” style.

  • – – –

 During this journey I have come up with ideas that I want to really bring to life


  • –  – –


If you came from my facebook page or you might have noticed why I haven’t posted for weeks now

I’m supposed to be on hiatus right now trying to refresh my mind but since it’s already December and I’m waiting for 12 midnight here, my part of the world. This will be my last post this 2016

I know I’m “supposed to” do it everyday, but what I’m creating  I feel is really getting repetitive.  So that’s why I decided to take a little break.




That’s all for this 2016,

This first chapter is more of a condensed collection of what I’ve posted. The new ones will be more on single posts since it will be day by day.


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