Something So Random

This was something I played with almost two years ago October 20 2015. I got so bored that I just suddenly started writing down on this moleskin journal that I have. I’m sure you guys have one of those leather covered journals where the pages are blank and no lines for guides.

I bought mine from a store called TYPO here in UAE.

To those who feel forsaken, I share this magic incantation
To help you face depression. Stand up and don’t back down, 
brace your feet like trees firmly rooted on the ground.
Words you have spoken, written, paths taken and deeds done, I tell you now. 
There’s no point going back on them son, It’s the past, what’s done is done. 
Instead refocus your attention on things delayed 
Because we use to procrastinate, hesitate
disinclined was our mental state.
Those old words not spoken, written, paths not trodden 
Dreams abandoned and forgotten, 
Ideas that were envisioned but no sooner was decommissioned
Now is the time to revisit them. 
Come out of isolation, wake up from hibernation
Stir up the sleeping dragon!
In the face of people who represent our limitation
Give them no attention, they just want to limit our condition.
Keep us in a state of cold suspension, imprison us in colorless captivity
Forced to do black and white activities. 
Instead we break free, You and Me, using our creativity
We show them the possibilities. 
Now is the time for the true us inside to be the us outside
It’s time for our dreams to become reality.
For this to be, we need to change the state of our mentality
With this realization we only have one option
That is to stop procrastination, throw away our hesitation
Gun down our indecision
 Bring out our Determination.